MoMA Audio Guide: Features, Types of Tours and What to Expect

The MoMA New York audio guide helps you get a comprehensive touring experience. 

When you buy a ticket to the Museum of Modern Art, you’ll get a free audio tour with your entry ticket. 

This audio guide comes in many languages, like English, French, and Spanish, so you can pick the one you prefer. 

There are lots of different audio tours available, each taking you through different parts of the museum. 

Some are great for kids, while others are better if you’re short on time or wish to know about specific masterpieces. With over 100 tour options, you’re sure to find one that suits you.

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What is The MoMA Audio App

The MoMA Audio App is a guide to the museum that you can use on your phone. 

Your Museum of Modern Art entry ticket comes along with a downloadable audio guide supported by this app. 

It’s made in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies and Detour.

It offers a more immersive audio experience using location services and top-tier audio talents. 

If you forget your headphones, you can borrow one from the museum. 

Once the app runs, you can choose between audio descriptions by painting or following an audio tour. 

Both options let you scroll and pause the audio, just like you would with music.

MoMA Audio Guide Features

The MoMA Audio Guide App Features:

  • The exhibition calendar lets you stay updated on current and upcoming exhibitions, daily events, and film screenings. 
  • Explore the museum with guided tours, including MoMA Audio programs. Choose from various tour options and browse tours by floor or stop number.
  • Access over 32,000 works in the museum’s collection and a comprehensive database of art terms and artist biographies.
  • Find essential museum information, including hours of operation, admission prices, and transportation options.
  • Capture memorable moments inside the museum with MoMA Snaps and send them as postcards.
  • Personalize your museum experience with MoMA Tracks by selecting tracks from your music library to listen to while exploring the museum or using the app.
  • Explore additional MoMA resources available on iTunes, iTunes U, and YouTube for further learning and engagement.

Why Choose A MoMA Audio Guide

Audio Guide desk at MoMA, New York
Image: Moma.org

The MoMA audio guide app is a must-have for art enthusiasts.

It offers instant access to over 32,000 artworks from the Museum’s vast modern and contemporary art collection.

While most audio guides explain the art you’re looking at, the MOMA audio guide app takes a different approach. 

Its audio descriptions are carefully crafted, almost like your favourite podcast. 

The museum partnered with Detour, an app known for city tours, to create these detailed descriptions. 

They don’t just focus on individual paintings but also offer curated tours. 

For example, you can listen to the popular podcast 99% Invisible, which discusses architectural features or comedians from Silicon Valley joking about pieces in the gallery. 

These audio tours are great for new visitors as they highlight important elements, provide orientation, and, most importantly, entertain.

The audio guide is free to download onto your phone, and the museum offers fast, free wifi throughout the building. 

If your phone is incompatible with the guide, you can also get a free phone at MoMA to use during your tour. 

This inclusivity ensures that learning about art is accessible to everyone.

Where To Get An Audio Guide To The MoMA

Buying your entry ticket automatically gives you access to the MoMA audio guide. 

Purchasing your Museum of Modern Art tickets online lets you easily download the guide using the provided app. 

Those getting the guide onsite can simply scan the QR code provided. 

The audio guide gives you a more enriching and informative experience during your Museum of Modern Art visit.

What to Expect During a MoMA Audio-Guided Tour

The MoMA audio guide app lets you dive deeper into the museum’s exhibits and artworks. 

Users can also access a handy dictionary of art terms and bios of artists, making it easier to understand and appreciate the pieces on display. 

The app provides calendar information for exhibitions, film screenings, and events, ensuring visitors stay informed about what’s happening.

Various audio tours are available, including special ones designed for children, teens, and the visually impaired, making art accessible to everyone. 

As a useful companion during museum visits, the app allows users to take photos inside the museum and send them as postcards. 

Moreover, visitors can personalize their experience by selecting tracks from their own music libraries to listen to while exploring the museum.

This guide will take you through different areas of the Museum of Modern Art and tell you the stories behind the artworks.

With this guide, you can discover the intriguing backstory behind famous artworks like Duchamp’s iconic toilet. 

It will help you know the custom pieces of music crafted specifically for specific galleries, adding a new dimension to your exploration. 

And you can enjoy moments of laughter and insight with commentary from personalities like Kumail Nanjiani and Martin Starr. 

The app promises to elevate your museum experience, fully understanding and appreciating the displayed artworks.

How To Make The Best Of The MoMA Audio Guide

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your MoMA Audio Guide:

  • Snag the audio guide online to avoid delays. Renting the official device ensures smooth playback and location-based triggers.
  • Bring or rent headphones on-site for optimal sound quality and privacy. Consider using noise-cancelling ones if the museum gets loud.
  • Don’t feel pressured to rush through the tour. Take time to absorb each piece, pause the audio for closer looks, and rewind if needed.
  • It’s okay to skip artworks that don’t resonate with you. The beauty of the audio guide is tailoring the experience to your interests.
  • Use the audio guide as a springboard for your observations and questions. Don’t be afraid to ponder, discuss with others, or even sketch what you see.
  • Museums can be overwhelming. Schedule breaks to rest your eyes and mind, grab a snack, or simply reflect on what you’ve experienced.
  • Remember, the MoMA audio guide is meant to enhance your visit, not dictate it. Relax, explore, and have fun uncovering the wonders of modern art!

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Featured Image: Moma.org

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