MoMA and Guggenheim Combo Ticket

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Guggenheim Museum are the most popular modern and contemporary art museums in New York City.

A combined visit to these sites offers a remarkable orientation to modern and contemporary architecture, design ideas, and space exploration.

Visitors with a combo ticket receive discounted admission to both the MoMA and the Guggenheim Museum.

They are the must-see museums that have relooked at modernity, art and culture.

MoMA presents contemporary masterpieces in paintings, sculptures, photographs, and videos, offering a thorough understanding of the history of modern art.

There, you can find works of Vincent Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, Rousseau, and Pollock, along with new artists showcased in the temporary exhibitions. 

Guggenheim showcases its singular architectural achievement and its avant-garde, abstract collection of works that ask for self-interpretation on all levels.

It houses works from the late 20th century and early 21st century of artists like Kandinsky, Bourgeois, Gauguin, Kentridge, etc and glorifies architectural brilliance. 

This MoMA and Guggenheim combo ticket is an exploration of the two best modern museums visited on the same day to observe and compare your experience.

Highlights of MoMA and Guggenheim Combo Ticket

Let us look at the snapshot of this ticket’s offerings:

  • Fast-track entry to MoMA and admission to MoMA PS1 (within 14 days of initial visit)
  • Access to all the 200,000+ art collections, special exhibits and programs
  • Free audio guide available in 10+ languages
  • Access to the permanent collections of Guggenheim
  • Access to Guggenheim’s temporary exhibitions (if open)

MoMA and Guggenheim Combo Ticket Price

The MoMA and Guggenheim Museum combo ticket costs $57 for visitors between 13 and 64 years. 

Senior citizens above 65 years old get the ticket for $39, while students with valid can purchase the combo for $35. 

Children below 13 years old get free entry to both museums.

Age GroupCombo Price
Adult ticket (13 to 64 years)$57
Senior citizen ticket (65+ years)$39
Student ticket (with ID)$34
Child ticket (below 12 years) Free entry 

Why Should You Buy The MoMA and Guggenheim Combo Ticket?

For first-time visitors and enthusiasts of modern art, MoMA and the Guggenheim Museum display some of the most amazing examples of contemporary art in their styles.

And if you get a combo ticket to explore the benefits of both, why not opt for it?

The advantage of buying a combo ticket is having a two-in-one experience, saving up to 5% on the museum entry ticket price.

The entry ticket cost for adults (17 to 64 years) is $30, for seniors (65+ years) is $22, and for students with ID, it is $17.

But when purchased with the Guggenheim as a combo ticket, the per-head price for adults (17 to 64 years) is $28, for seniors (65+ years) is $21, and for students with ID is $16.

Children below 17 years get free entry to the museum.

Similarly, the Guggenheim entry price for adults (13 to 64 years) is $30, for seniors (65+ years), and for students with ID is $19.

Children below 13 years old have free admission.

When the ticket is purchased with MoMA, the cost reduces to $57 for adults (13+ years), $39 for seniors (65+ years) and $34 for students with ID.

You can buy the combo ticket for the same date or a different date, saving time and energy to repeat the action.

Once you have a combo ticket of your preference, you can conveniently accommodate it in your New York itinerary.

Regarding architectural representation, you get to see two different types of it on the same day, one after the other.

Booking the ticket for both saves you a lot of time entering details and booking for two different museums separately.

Here, you have both entry tickets in your email in one go.

The combo ticket with discount is only available on online booking, and you can very well skip the ticket lines and get fast-track entry to the museums.

Visitors Information

In this section, we provide some essential information for you to plan the trip:

MoMA Hours

The Museum of Modern Arts is open from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm, except for Saturdays when the museum hours extend until 7 pm. 

The galleries close 15 minutes before the museum closes.

The museum is only closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

On weekends, from 9.30 am to 10.30 am, MoMA offers early entry to its members and their visitors. 

Every first Friday of the month from 4 to 8 pm, entry is free for residents of New York City.

Guggenheim Museum Hours

The Guggenheim Museum is open from 11 am to 6 pm and extends till 8 pm on Saturdays.

Members’ hours are on selected Mondays from 6 pm to 8 pm.

How to get from the Guggenheim Museum to MoMA:

MoMA is located at 11 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019, and Guggenheim is located at 1071 5th Ave, New York, NY 10128, about 1.9 miles (3 km) apart.

It is easy to get from one museum to another because both are in the Manhattan district of New York.

The best way to go from Guggenheim to MoMA is by bus, numbers M1, M2, M3 and M4.

You can even walk down the 5th Avenue of Manhattan for 42 minutes, through Central Park, to reach MoMA from Guggenheim or vice versa.

If you are driving or in a cab, you reach within 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the traffic.

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FAQs About MoMA and Guggenheim Combo Tickets

1. Where do I get the MoMA and Guggenheim combo tickets?

You can get the combo ticket for MoMA and Guggenheim online.

The combo ticket is not available on the ticket counters.

2. Which museum should I visit first with the MoMA and Guggenheim combo ticket?

MoMA tickets do not have a timeslot, but you must select a time slot to book Guggenheim Museum tickets.

Therefore, plan your visit to MoMA based on the time slot you chose for the Guggenheim Museum.

3.  Do I have to visit MoMA and Guggenheim on the same day with the combo ticket?

You can visit both museums on the same or different day with the combo ticket.

4. What discount do I get for buying the MoMA and Guggenheim combo tickets?

You get a 5% discount on the combo ticket for adults, seniors and students with a valid ID card.

Individual entry tickets for each museum cost more than the combo ticket.

5. How do I reschedule the combo ticket?

For MoMA, you can reschedule the ticket anytime before your visit, while for the Guggenheim Museum, rescheduling is possible up to 24 hours before the visit.

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