MoMA events

Museum of Modern Art, New York, conducts many events and gatherings as part of its approach to modern and contemporary art. 

These events and gatherings often allow the public to interact with art and experience the world of modern art firsthand. 

Starting in 2021, MoMA PS1 joined with NYC DOT, and together they launched the 46th Avenue Public Plaza.

This showcases MoMA’s commitment to sharing resources and open space with our communities. 

This plaza is used to collaborate with artists and organizations and enrich the plaza with events and activities for residents.

These events and gatherings help foster connections and contribute to a more vibrant NYC cultural landscape.

Here are the upcoming events for September and October. 


Art Lab Line Shape and Color
Image: Moma.org

MoMA conducts workshops in varying fields quite regularly. 

One of the most popular workshops is a part of the Writing Club.  

MoMA workshops are catered to all ages, from family fun to single-person.

Here is the list of workshops in MoMA NYC during September and October. 

Name of the WorkshopWhenLocation
Art Lab: Line, Shape, ColorEvery day till October 31. Education Center, Floor 1
Writing ClubOctober  6: 8 to 9.30 amOctober 30: 6 to 7.30 pmMoMA, Floor 5 
Drop-in Drawing October 6: 5 to 7 pmMoMA, Floor 4
Family Art Talk and WorkshopOctober 15, 21, 22, 28, 29:1 to 3 pmEducation Centre, Mezzanine


Film Screening
Image: Moma.org

Every day, two film screenings are scheduled to take place in MoMA, New York. 

The films screened at MoMA capture varying themes from all across the globe.

You can catch international films, documentaries, and other visual journeys curated carefully. 

Here are some of the upcoming films for September and October

Name of the FilmWhenLocation
Ashkal: The Tunisian Investigation, 2022September 25: 6.30 pmMoMA, Floor T2/T1
Once Within a Time, 2022September 26: 7 pmMoMA, Floor T2/T1
Gordian Knot: Short Flims selected by Narimane MariSeptember 27: 4 pmMoMA, Floor T2/T1
Long Sorrow, 2005 September 27: 6.30 pmMoMA, Floor T2/T1
Tahai ya Didou! 1971September 28: 7.30 pmMoMA, Floor T2/T1
Powaqqatsi, 1988September 29: 4 pmMoMA, Floor T2/T1
Loubia Hamra, 2013September 30: 4 pmMoMA, Floor T2/T1
Visitors, 2013October 1: 2 pmMoMA, Floor T2/T1
Koyaanisqatsi, 1982October 2: 7 pmMoMA, Floor T2/T1
Naqoyqatsi. 2002October 4: 6.30 pmMoMA, Floor T2/T1
Shadows in the City, 1991October 5 to 11: 6.30 pmMoMA, Floor T2/T1

Gallery Experiences

MoMA is known for its galleries and exhibitions. While visiting the superb collection on your own is one way,  you can consider going to one of the Gallery Experiences. 

A gallery experience will enable you to appreciate the artwork and the collection in depth. 

Many of these experiences are curated specifically for the members, but a few are open to the public. 

Here is a list of all the upcoming gallery experiences for you to try out:

Name of the experienceWhenLocation
Curatorial Walk-Through: ED RUSCHA/NOW THENSeptmeber 26: 6 to 7.30 pmMoMA, Floor 6
Before-Hours tour with an Art HistorianEvery Saturday and Sunday: 9.30 to 10.30 amMoMA, Floor 5 
Member Early Hour Every Saturday and Sunday: 9.30 to 10.30 amMoMA 
Family Gallery TalksEvery Sun till September 30,Oct ober7, 14, 15Education Centre, Floor 1
Create Ability: Shaping PlaceOctober 1 Education Centre, Floor 1
Member Previews:Picasso in FontainebleauOctober 5, 6, 7MoMA, Floor 3
UNIQLO NYC: Nights en EspanolOctober 6: 4 to 8 pmMoMA
Art inSight: White Cane DayOctober 15: 1 to 4 pmMoMA, Floor 1
Ed Ruscha October 16 and 17MoMA
Member Previews: New GroundOctober 27, 28: 10.30 am to 5.30 pmMoMA, Floor 2

Featured Image: Moma.org

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